Model WSM-373
Single Thread Chainstitch Button Attaching Machine with
Automatic Thread Trimmer


Button Sewer and *Tacking Machine
Vibrating Clamp Style



Two or Four Hole Button Sewing Operation

To order dial 1-800-225-8342

Single or Double Pedal Operation

(When using Single Pedal Operation Automatic clamp lift after sewing cycle)


Designed to sew two and four hole buttons on light to medium weight material.
Suitable for sewing snap fasteners, shank, flat and metal buttons, hooks, eyes and label tacking with use of suitable attachments. Automatically cuts thread upon completion of sewing cycle. This thread trimming mechanism helps produce beautifully finished seams with the length of remaining thread reduced

Included Accessories;

  • Instruction Manual, Part Manual, Thread Stand, Eye-guard , Wrench, 10  needles #18, Machine Head Cover, Screwdriver, Oiler.

Ideal for alteration rooms, tailors, clothing rentals, dry cleaners, department stores, dressmakers and home use.


* Stitch range - 8-16-32 parallel stitches - no cam changes.
* Change from two hole to four hole button sewing by lever at
    operators finger tips.
* Interchangeable clamps for flat, shank, metal buttons, snap
   fasteners and label tacking.

Easy to operate and simple to maintain.

Uses needle system 175 x 7 / TQx7


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Chandler CM491 Hand-crank Style


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