Industrial Machines
..Portable, Hand-Operated Button Sewing Machine

Model CM491
Sews either 2 hole or 4 hole buttons in any size from the smallest shirt button to that used on underwear, pajamas, coats, aprons, etc.

  • Completely portable and automatic.

  • No electric plug or connections necessary.

  • No motors to worry about or belts to break.

  • Instant change to sew 2 and 4 hole buttons.

  • 6-10 seconds to sew a button

  • Automatic stop, automatic thread-break.

  • Full range of button sizes.

  • Sews flat and shank buttons.

  • 12 firm stitches in every button, with last 2 stitches double locking button to material.

  • Durable construction

Ideal for Quick Repairs

Designed for use in such industries as laundries, coat and apron supplies, institutions, hospitals, hotels, dry cleaners etc.


Price $995.00
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