WSM Hand Held Cloth Cutting Machine
with 2-1/2" Blade 

Item # WD-2   Price  $109.99
With a high torque motor and larger blade than other cutters in its class, the WD-2 cuts the heaviest goods with ease.

Suitable for cutting all types of fabric. Also, knit, vinyl's,
fiberglass, wool, plastics, leather and chemical fiber goods, etc.
Low noise, stable operation, easy to operate. 
Runs on ordinary house current.
Features include a
one-touch sharpener, stationary carbide and counter
blade, double insulated
motor and Finger Safety Guard.
Grip-style switch. Press switch to start cutting,
release to stop. Six foot line cord with standard plug.

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Popular Optional Parts

 Kept in inventory for future use.

Replacement Blade

Blade Size: 2-1/2 inch (66mm)

Blade # WD-700

Replacement Blade

Blade # WD-175

Sharpening Stone

Weight: 2.5 lbs
RPM: 2400  
Blade Size: 2-1/2 inch (66mm)  
Cutting Depth: 1" 25.4mm (Max.)  

 Similar model; CONSEW 503K


Instruction Manual & Part diagram
1 extra sharpening stone,
1 extra safety motor coupling
(prevents motor & gear damage)

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WD-2 $109.99  WSM Cloth Cutting Machine (OUT OF STOCK)
WD-700 $10.95 ea. Replacement Blade
WD-B7 $3.95 ea. Sharpening Stone
WD-175 $2.49 ea.  Replacement Blade (Lower)


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