How to use Gravity Feed Iron

About Demineralizer

   The demineralizer extends the life of the iron and prevents calcium build-up.
When the demineralizer changes from
blue to brown, replace it by ordering a new package.







1. Hang bottle apx. 40 inches above pressing
    (See Bottle Hanging instruction)

2. Connect the silicone hose to the
    iron and bottle.

3. Empty demineralizer package into the bottle
    and fill it with tap water only.

4. Tie the electrical cord and hose together.

5. Plug the iron cord into a grounded electrical

6. Set the temperature dial on NO. 4 and let the
    iron heat up for ten minutes.

7. Open the bottle valve and allow the hose to fill
    with water by pressing the steam switch.
    The  iron is now ready for use.

8. When not pressing, place the iron on the
    supplied iron rest.

    Do not stand on its back!

 Always unplug the iron when unattended or not in

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