We at Westchester Sewing Machine Co. give you 3 options to purchase...
1-The Sewing Machine Head Only, 2- Sewing Machine Head with Knock-down stand (you build it) or 3- Complete with Assembled Stand (We build it).

1- "Head Only"
Purchasing "Head Only" means you will receive only the sewing machine head in an unopened original manufacturers carton. Stand or table will not be included. Please note, most industrial sewing machines require a external motor . Motor is not included. One reason for purchasing "head only" is our customers wish to update their sewing machines by only replacing the machine head and keeping their perfectly good sewing tables.
2- "Knock-Down" or pre-boxed industrial sewing machine View Knock-Down Stand Components
Purchasing a "Knock-Down" industrial sewing machine means you will receive the entire machine and stand-table unassembled in either 4 or 5 cartons (depending on model). You will receive the sewing machine in an unopened original manufacturers carton and the same for table top, legs, draw, sewing light, motor etc. If you are handy with
tools then buying a knock-down is recommended.
Tools Required:
Hammer, center punch or similar, eye protection, screw drivers, wrenches, drill + 3/8" & 5/8" drill bits (drill & drill bits not required with some kits), Work bench or 2 work supports (non scratch surface).
Before we ship your order, your machine is set up and tested at our location.
We make all necessary adjustments.
We adjust belt tension, test motor and rotation, motor position, position treadle to machine head for sewing comfort,
set up and adjust machine knee lifter mechanism for maximum foot height, pre-lube all critical moving parts, drill hole for thread stand, pre-drill bobbin winder location and insure proper machine fit in table top for minimal vibration.


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