WSM GC-4420
Double Needle Walking Foot

Large Vertical Axis Hook and Bobbin

  • Designed for stitching medium to medium-heavy weight fabrics, leather, canvas, vinyl, synthetics, and various laminated and coated materials
  • Suitable for sewing auto, boat and furniture upholstery, boat covers, sails, awnings, tents, light tarpaulins, camping equipment, etc.
  • Designed for stitching reinforced and parallel stitches
  • Suitable for such operations as attaching zippers, lap seam felling,
    and general needle seaming, binding, taping and piping.
  • Large vertical axis hooks and bobbins assures longer operation between bobbin changes
  • The compound feed mechanism assures perfect and uniform stitching and eliminates material slippage
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Automatic hook lubrication 
  • Large range of gauge sets available (Contact Us for sizes)
  • Safety clutch
  • Synchronized puller available  Contact Us For Details


Sold Complete with Assembled Stand
Machine is tested & Ready to Sew.


Speed, Max. (S.P.M): 2000
Stitch length: 0-9mm
Needle bar stroke: 36mm
Take up stroke: 74.5mm
Presser foot lift by hand: 8mm
Presser foot lift by knee: 16mm
Hook: Large Rotary
Lubrication: A
uto lubricated
Uses Needle 135x17 (DPx17)

1/4" Needle Spacing Standard
Contact us for other Needle Spacing sizes that are available.

Similar machines are; CONSEW 339RB-3, HIGHLEAD Juki LU-1560N GC20618-2,

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*Also available,
Legs with Locking Casters (Extra $25.00)
If ordering  online and you wish to add the Locking casters just place "Include Locking Casters" in the "Special Instructions" at checkout. The additional $25.00 will added by our billing dept.


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Price $1,975.00
1/4" Needle Spacing


 Includes:  Fully Assembled Stand


  Sewing Draw


  SEWSTRONG Servo Motor SS-550 with 11 Maximum Speed Settings


  Sewing Machine Oil YES
  4-Extra Bobbins YES
  LCD Sewing Light YES
  Instruction Manual YES
  Tools- Screwdrivers, Wrench YES
  10 Extra Needles Size 22 YES

boots, leather, tarpaulins