Portable Walking Foot Machine
The SEWSTRONG RE607 walking-foot machine is a perfect alternative to large industrial walking-foot sewing machines. It can be easily transported onto sailboats or rv's, can be used on a regular table top. It is lightweight, and can handle multiple layers of leather or sail material. Uses 135x17-21 Needles suitable for heavy threads.

Recommended for small to medium projects for home use or small manufacturers.


Length of stitch adjustment - 1mm to 5mm ZigZag Stitch or 5 to 10 stitches per inch in Straight-Stitch.
Foot Pedal Control
1/10th HP, 110 volt, AC Motor, 1.5 amp Motor
Includes a variety of accessories such as needles, bobbins, foot pedal, thread stand and detailed instruction manual

This machine is powerful enough to handle 4 layers of soft leather, canvas, vinyl or upholstery fabrics.
Great for work on footwear, leather bags, purses, other leather articles, canvas articles such as sails (on boats), banners, awnings, and other heavy fabrics where a strong stitch is needed such as on backpacks, curtains, and in upholstery (chairs or couches).
The walking foot makes sewing your leather projects a breeze.

Instruction Manual, Screwdriver, Oil, Commercial Thread Stand, Variable Foot Speed Control, Extra Bobbins, Extra Needles.
Speed, Max.: 800 SPM
Stitch Length, Max.: 6mm
Needle Bar Stroke: 30mm
Needle: DP x 17 or DPx16
Bed Size: 14 1/2" x 7"
Underarm Space: 7" x 4 1/2"
Net Weight: 38 lbs.


Thread Size 69 is recommended for use.