SEWSTRONG RE607 Straight Stitch Portable Walking Foot Machine with Reverse Feed
Price $275.00
For sewing medium to heavy weight fabrics. Canvas, nylon, vinyl, leather, synthetics, and similar materials
Main Uses; For sewing boat and truck covers, tents, awnings, sails, parachutes, tarpaulins, wet suits, leather, shoes, boots and similar products.



Speed, Max.:  800 SPM
Stitch Length, Max.:  6mm
Needle Bar Stroke:  30mm
Needle:  DP x 17 or DPx16
Bed Size:  14 1/2" x 7"
Underarm Space:  7" x 4 1/2"
Bobbin Size: Class 15 / Style A
Power: 1/10th HP, 110 volt, AC Motor, 1.5 amp
Net Weight:  38 lbs.


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Instruction Manual, Screwdriver, Oil, Commercial Thread Stand, 4 Bobbins, 10 Extra Needles SIZE 21, Electronic Variable Speed Foot Control

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Uses Standard Needle;

DPx17 (135X17)

Or Spear Point Needle;

DPx16 (135x16)

Click Here to see our model RE607Z (with Zig-Zag)


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