Eastman Chickadee Model D2 Rotary Shear
Price $395.00

Equipped with either a round blade for general use or optional hexagon blade for sheer or difficult to cut cloth, the Chickadee has a cutting capacity of .5 in. (1.27 cm). The Chickadee features a built-in sharpener and an ergonomically designed
grip-actuated on/off switch. D2H also available

Motor: 110v, 1ph:


Circular is Standard

Blade # E/R80C1-147
Suitable for thin materials

Hexagon Available

Blade # E/R80C1-149
Suitable for thick materials.

Weight: 1 lbs., 14 oz., .850 kg.
Horsepower: .10 hp
Blade Size: 2 1/4", 5.72 cm  
Cutting Capacity: 1/2", 1.27 cm  

D2 in 220v, 1ph: Available by request only.

D2 Chickadee Ships with (E/R80C1-147 Round Blade)

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E/R80C1-147 $11.49 ea.
E/R80C1-149 $12.49 ea.
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We also carry parts for the EASTMAN CHICKADEE D2. See part breakdown contact us for prices.


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