Avery Dennison the Original Fastening Gun

Easy way to tag merchandise.

Price $27.99 each

Just pull the trigger and tags are attached quick and easy.
Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.
Lightweight, yet stands up to rugged use.
Loads full strips of plastic fasteners.

D10651 DO8945 D1O312 DO8946 (Guns)

D06214 D06215 (Standard Fasteners)

D08938 D08939 (Fine Fasteners)

AN300 Box of 4 Standard Replacement Needles

AN400 Box of 4 Fine Replacement Needles


Quantity Adjustment Available at Checkout

Dennison Plastic Fasteners

Packed and Sold 5000 to a Box

DO6214 1" Standard Fasteners $9.99 per box

DO6215 3" Standard Fasteners $9.99 per box

D08938  3/4 " Fine Fasteners $9.99 per box

D08939 2"  Fine Fasteners $9.99 per box


Box of 4 Standard Replacement Needles $15.69 Item AN300
$15.69 Item AN400

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Prices do not include freight. Minimum S&H Charge $6.50.